About Me


What I offer

 I share my thoughts on a wide range of topics of interest to me with the hope that they might spark a dialogue or two and so perhaps generate a bit of light ; I am NOT too old to learn

Who I Am

I was born in December of 1949 so to most you I'm an "Old Guy".  Having done seventy orbits of the sun has exposed me to things that I wished I had at least thought about earlier in life. 

I am the eldest of 10; five boys, five girls.
I was raised Catholic; educated in parochial schools K-12 and studied for the priesthood.  I've done my time as a Lutheran (both Missouri Synod and E.L.C.A.) and Methodist. I've preached from the pulpit many times and taught Sunday School. I've studied Scripturs most of my adult life studied both Latin and New Testament Greek along with a smattering of Hebrew. Now, I'm simply a non-denominational follower of Jesus. 

I served in the Army in Vietnam Sep 1968 - Aug 1969 as a medic and in Fitzsimons Army Medical Center orthopedics from Sep 1969 until Mar 1971.
I have a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Michigan.

I've been married twice. In my first marriage I fathered a son who drowned when he was 18 years old. In my second marriage, radically happier than the first time around, we are raising two of our several grandchildren. I am a Journeyman Metal Model Maker though registered with the U.S Bureau of Labor as a Tool and Die Maker. 

In 2012, I retired from GM's Weld Tool Center having worked for about a decade as a Toolmaker/Machinist. With about 30 + years experience in the hobby, I paint portraits and landscapes and dabble in abstract art.
I own a 10' Schmidt-Cassegrain refracting telescope with a nice computerized tracking system and am an amateur astro-photographer.

I am a poet, as well as, a journalist. 

I love Jesus, my wife, our little ones, our huge family, our friends, our growing church in Tawas, Mi and our life together, here in Oscoda.

I enjoy good conversation, civil argument, single-malt scotch, fine cigars, good food, good books, many genres of good music, good movies, and carpentry.


If you have questions, I may have answers to many of them. Some things are true mysteries to me and may be forever beyond my ability to understand. Others, we may be able to sort out together. I will try to display the most frequently asked questions here, and the answers I have come with, so everybody might benefit.